Porta Dipinta House

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Porta Dipinta House was founded in the 15th century as a convent. Later it became the property of an important Count becoming a noble residence next to the most famous Palazzo Moroni.

With his lavish horse-drawn carriages he entered the starlit entrance, which preserved the original frescoes of the 1400s D.C., and tied his horses in the private garden of the house.

The ancient hooks can still be found where the horses were tied.
In the apartment have been recovered, with careful restructuring of the Pinzone family, arches, stones, frescoes and original beams of the fifteenth century.

Bergamo Alta

Bergamo with its Venetian Walls greets those who arrive. Surrounded by rivers and green valleys, crossed by paths that extend to the Parco dei Colli, the large protected green area of which it is part, the city looks like a living room between art, culture and nature, a rich and composite history that you can not tell.

Museums, works of art and splendours of nature, paved alleys and palaces with splendid facades, treasures of sacred art, ancient and contemporary art, masterpieces of taste and oenology, events throughout the year: the city reveals itself as a interweaving of pleasant discoveries and unexpected encounters, such as those with Gaetano Donizetti, great international composer, Bartolomeo Colleoni, Bergamo-based condottiero at the service of the Republic of Venice and Lorenzo Lotto, one of the most famous Italian Renaissance artists who lived for over a decade he worked in Bergamo.

A Unique House

“Porta Dipinta house” is particular and unique as it allows you to be in the center of upper Bergamo, a stone’s throw from the most beautiful attractions of the city, with the pride of having an independent house with private garden in a privileged and extremely quiet position. FREE INTERNET WI-FI throughout the structure.
Issuing of a transit permit to enter Bergamo Alta (limited traffic zone) and parking on the blue lines next to the house at a maximum cost of 18.00 euros per day or in the “Garage San Marco” or “Piazza liberta Parcheggio” next to the funicular for high Bergamo and the bus that takes 50 meters from Porta Dipinta house to the maximum cost of 15.00 euros for 24 hours.

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